If you are fond of television shows that feature house renovations, then you surely know who Nicole Curtis is. She is the star of the real estate reality TV show, Rehab Addict. If you look at the Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addictname of the show, you can say that it is a misleading title. For people who don’t know what the show is all about the first thing that comes to mind are people recovering from addiction. On the contrary, Rehab Addict represents Nicole’s love and passion for restoring old houses. She does not just do renovation, but she stores old houses to their former glory.

For every episode, she takes an old house, especially the old one and completely restores it. Unlike any other rehabbers who want to change almost everything in the house, especially the old fixtures, Nicole does the other way around. As much as possible, she wants to keep old fixtures and other things that will retain the house to its era and feel. Not only that it will help bring the house to its former glory, but it also saves her money. She is using the cheapest rehabbing methods possible.

Her show and even Nicole herself have been a source of inspiration to other people. Her show, Rehab Addict, is one of the most watched shows in the US. Designers and simple people follow her because they can get a lot of inputs from Nicole, especially when it comes to restoring the house without breaking the budget. If you have watched most of the episodes of her show, you will notice that Nicole Curtis is interesting in saving homes that are about to be demolished. She loves old houses. She feels that these properties are not just things of the past but hold a lot of memories. Her idea is to restore old houses, keep the replacement to a minimum, and bring in a few touches of modern architecture. To Nicole, old houses are the legacy of the United States.

One of Nicole’s biggest restorative projects is a 1904 mansion. Her challenge is how to bring back the mansion to its 1904 feel. When she inspected the mansion, she noticed that some parts of the estate were modified to the 1970s era. The exterior feature of the property is fantastic. It has a full-sized swimming pool and a garage that can hold up to nine cars. The authentic charm of the mansion is in the interior. It has a total of 15 rooms. It has a lot of wood works made from apricot wood, mahogany, and other rare woods. It is the type of the woods used that gives so much value to the house.

The floors and windows are breathtakingly beautiful, but she noticed that some rooms are ripped apart. The bathroom needs the most attention as the tiles were ripped off. They are original Italian tiles, and it is hard to find such type of tiles in this modern era. She searched the neighboring stores but found nothing. Luckily, she has some old tiles in her house, which looks the same as the Italian tiles. It is not the same tiles, but it is the closest thing to it. With her creative mind and magical hands, she was able to get the job done. She didn’t use the same material, but she was able to achieve the 1904 feel. If there is one thing Nicole learned from being a seasoned rehabber, it is to be resourceful. Restoring old houses is challenging because you will have a hard time finding the right materials and if ever you found one, they will surely cost a lot. As a flipper or rehabber, you should know how to play your cards well. Be resourceful and creative and most importantly stick to your budget.

Nicole CurtisNicole Curtis was born on August 20, 1976. She was born in Detroit, also known as the city of workers. Her fascination with classic American houses started at a young age. She is interested in homes that were beautiful once but unfortunately left by their former owners. She became a licensed interior designer in the late 1990s, and her first project was her house. Most of the properties that are featured in her show, Rehab Addict are situated in Detroit and Minneapolis. However, Nicole doesn’t mind traveling around the country as long as she finds an attractive property to renovate. Nicole’s primary goal is to promote the protection and reinstatement of the existing architecture over destruction. Aside from a reality TV host, an interior designer, a realtor, and a self-confessed rehab addict, Nicole is also an entrepreneur. She owns a company that designs home essentials such as pillows, curtains, and other home accessories. Her company develops and sells 100% American products.

With the success of her show and a lot of things she does for a living, many real estate aficionados have become interested in Nicole Curtis’s net worth. How much money does she make? Nobody knows what her exact net worth is, but it is estimated to be around $5 million. It is not as profane as what other people make in the industry but is certainly more than enough. She is an independent woman and has become an inspiration to a lot of individuals, especially single parent. When it comes to her personal life, Curtis has managed to keep her personal life private.

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